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Economy Roo's

How can one craft such a beautiful whip and still maintain a more than affordable price? Introducing our "Economy Roo's" 

The Econmy Roo is constructed starting with a shot loaded nylon core. Next 2 plaited nylon bellies are constructed and submerged in 250 deg wax to balance the weight. A bolster is cut from kip skin and bound tightly around the whip. Then the final overlay of kangaroo is plaited using the best hide to produce a gorgeous and fine whip.

This design combines the cost effectiveness and resiliency of nylon core and bellies with the raw beauty and feel of a leather whip. You won't have to worry about moisture causing damage to the core. You'll get a beautiful hand-crafted whip that is fully functional with the highest attention to detail and quality.

Your "Economy Roo" whip is fully customizable depending on the availability of color and hides I have in stock. If you're looking for true elegance, you can order one of our Economy Roo whips and add a custom wooden handle for that extra splash of "wow!"

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